From Startup to Exit: How MIGHTY MONDAY Helped Undo Achieve a Successful Sale

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Undo Drives Customer Growth and Achieves Successful Exit with MIGHTY MONDAY's Multi-Channel Strategy

The challenge

Undo's innovative digital solution for accident, home, and travel insurance took off quickly. But the competitive car insurance market proved trickier.

Undo needed a partner to map the digital customer journey for car insurance and engage their target audience with the right marketing mix. They had a skilled communications and content team, but needed help tailoring content for new digital channels.


Det var helt crucial, at vi fik MIGHTY MONDAY med ind til at finde ud af, hvordan vi angriber det her konkurrenceprægede marked, og hvordan vi kommunikerer vores produkt i det her landskab.
Oliver Lilholt
Head of Brand, UNDO


The Solution / Approach

MIGHTY MONDAY analyzed the effectiveness of Undo's existing digital channels and identified potential new ones through our "Test and Learn" framework. Together, we crafted a multi-channel strategy prioritizing short-term sales activation for existing car insurance customers.

We launched campaigns across Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube, Search, Universal App Campaign (UAC), Meta platforms (including Facebook and Instagram), TikTok, Snapchat, Reddit, and Twitter. We continuously tested content and channels to find the best combinations for driving qualified app installs, then strategically allocated budget for maximum impact.

As a proof of concept for short-term activation, we gradually shifted resources towards long-term brand building through traditional TV campaigns and media buys. MIGHTY MONDAY's strategy leveraged the increased brand awareness these activities generated.

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Impressive Results and a Successful Exit

Through our collaborative "Test and Learn" approach, we identified the right marketing setup to nurture leads and app installs across channels, audiences, and content. This, combined with a strategy balancing short-term sales and long-term brand building, resulted in a 23% increase in Undo's customer base and an 18% decrease in customer acquisition cost (CAC).

These impressive results ultimately culminated in a successful exit for Undo, with a significant acquisition by a major player in the insurance industry. We at MIGHTY MONDAY are proud to have been a part of Undo's remarkable journey.


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About UNDO:

UNDO: is a fully digital insurance company that provides a comprehensive suite of insurance products and services through a user-friendly app.

With UNDO, you can manage your policies, file claims, and access essential information seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.

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