How we boosted Planet Nusa's revenue by 165%

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Planet Nusa Centralizes Marketing with MIGHTY MONDAY: Driving Growth and Revenue

The challenge

With the support of investors, it was crucial for Planet Nusa to increase revenue and reach new customers. Despite a strong social media presence and high retention rate, they saw significant potential to expand their digital marketing efforts to grow their community and create new 'planet friends'.

"MIGHTY MONDAY has introduced us to fresh and exciting ways to spark our creativity while simultaneously reaching new audiences. They've helped us expand our community, boost sales, and enhance brand awareness. We're thrilled with the platform and the accomplishments we've already achieved through our partnership"
Trine Rix Olsen
Social Media Manager, Planet Nusa


The Solution / Approach

Market analysis and selection of marketing efforts

MIGHTY MONDAY conducted a market analysis to identify relevant digital marketing activities and channels. Planet Nusa had so far only used Meta Ads, and in addition to introducing Google Ads as a new marketing channel, we recommended a steady push on TikTok, combined with a focused lead generation strategy via Scratcher with an accompanying email marketing strategy.

Test and Learn approach

MIGHTY MONDAY implemented a structured 'Test and Learn' approach, where we continuously activated new features on existing and new channels and launched new activities on carefully selected channels in the marketing mix. This ensured a constant optimization of Planet Nusa's digital presence and campaigns.

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Focused strategy

To optimize Planet Nusa's ad spend, we developed a strategy that focused on combining an always-on strategy with campaign activities that specifically promote selected drops and restocks. This has maximized our ad spend and ensured a high ROI for our campaigns across marketing channels.

Alongside this, we implemented a dynamic always-on track for interest creation and retargeting, where we created a big boost in the impact of the dynamic creatives through various on-brand confect designs.

Alongside this, we implemented an always-on track for demand creation, and then processed the interest created through, among other things, an on-brand confect design on the dynamic advertising.


Strong community

Planet Nusa has put a lot of effort into building a strong community around their products. On Instagram in particular, they have created highly engaged 'planet friends' who daily share and tag Planet Nusa in pictures and stories from their everyday lives. With TikTok as a new channel, where the focus is on creating new customers, we have helped Planet Nusa to both ensure a brand match in their content and to expand their community through a new platform. In addition, through a cohesive email marketing strategy, we have used the gamification software 'Scratcher' and run campaigns that have increased Planet Nusa's email subscription database by 40% more subscribers.


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About Planet Nusa

Planet Nusa the Danish sportswear brand founded by the entrepreneurial duo Mille & Kristine, has carved a niche for itself in the competitive sportswear market by fostering a vibrant and engaged community.

Their success lies in their ability to connect with their target audience on both digital and physical levels, creating a sense of belonging and shared passion for fitness and an active lifestyle.


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