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Launch of COLLAB in Denmark

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Go-to-market Strategy and launch of the COLLAB in Denmark.


To create a successful launch of COLLAB, a new unique collagen and caffeinated beverage from Iceland that taps into a major global trend for functional beverages and foods.

The Solution / Approach

Based on a well-defined brand platform (Brand book developed by CO/Plus), we developed a go-to-market strategy for the launch in Denmark. In close collaboration with Bambina, who is responsible for sales to supermarkets and convenience stores, Danish consumers were introduced to COLLAB.

MIGHTY MONDAY developed a plan to create awareness and consumer trials in the active target group, all those people who care about their physical and mental health and are in the market for a refreshing and healthier alternative.

The target group has been analyzed, the insights processed, and now COLLAB is on its way to the Danes through a high-visibility campaign, engaging content and inspiring activations.

The plan is more than a traditional media plan and digital campaigns. We work closely with COLLAB to become the new preferred beverage brand for Danes through creative communication solutions, where we put media, channels and physical activations in interaction so that consumers meet COLLAB in the right context.

We work with relevant influencer partnerships and collaborate with our creator network to create engaging content on TikTok, Instagram and where relevant.

And we have a number of new initiatives in the pipeline to ensure COLLAB's continued penetration of the Danish market.

Brand | Content | Activation
We build brand & community
Events & activities. We want to tell a story and inspire people to live healthier & happier. Mød COLLAB


During the launch, MIGHTY MONDAY has planned and implemented a major push campaign, where a significant visibility in shopping malls and the metro (DOOH) has ensured high reach during an intensified period. In parallel with this presence, the digital channels, META and TikTok, have been activated to create increased awareness and engagement in the target group.

Creative formats and attention-grabbing content are used to establish COLLAB and create interest in the product to draw consumers to the stores.


Push Campaigns
Huge increase in visibility & awareness in malls and the Metro.
COLLAB is a unique collagen and caffeine-infused drink from Iceland. Meet COLLAB


This is a case where we have combined the digital campaign track with outdoor and other media to quickly create awareness and interest in the target group.

With a strong focus on results, we continuously analyze and optimize the campaign based on data-driven insights across channels and platforms. This includes A/B testing of messages, analysis of user behaviour across channels, and optimization of influencer partnerships based on engagement, video views, etc. And much more.

COLLAB is now on its way to Danish stores and consumers have noticed. We can already see it in the sales figures.


Want to learn more about our approach to bringing products and brands to market?

We're happy to share our experiences and methods for creating success. Our approach ensures that there is interaction at every stage and that the marketing investment is optimized in relation to retail distribution and market penetration. This is the best way to optimize marketing efforts.

Drop by, we'll give a COLLAB and hear how we can help you with a successful go-to-market strategy and effective marketing efforts.


About the Client

COLLAB is a unique collagen and caffeine-infused drink from Iceland. ôlgerdin, Iceland's renowned brewery, has created this tasty product in collaboration with @feeliceland.

Find COLLAB in Føtex, Bilka, 7-Eleven, Puregym, and soon even more supermarkets and stores.

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