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Elevating Implement Consulting Group's Brand Awareness Across Global Markets

The Challenge

As Implement Consulting Group has expanded into more markets, there has been an increasing need for a focused long-term brand activation strategy to increase awareness of their core services among carefully selected target groups and industries across borders.

In addition, to define a digital customer journey with a focus on also activating the target group that is already aware of Implement Consulting Group with short-term sales activation.

Implement Consulting Group was looking for a partner that could help solve these challenges across marketing activities and at the same time a partner that acts as an integral part of their marketing team with operational issues and commercial marketing opportunities in mind.


Grundlæggende skyldes vores gode samarbejde med MIGHTY MONDAY deres naturlige medmenneskelighed og anderledes tilgang til marketing, hvor de både jonglere brugen af performance marketing i form af kortsigtet salgsaktiverings såvel som branding og mere langsigtede brandings-strategier. Fokus ligger altid på at skabe effektfulde forrentningsmæssige resultater for Implement Consulting Group! Det vurderer vi differentierer dem fra andre i branchen.
Mikkel Rand Hinrichsen
Head of Marketing, Implement Consulting Group


The solution

MIGHTY MONDAY set out to analyze the current level of awareness across markets using different efforts based on 'Share of voice' compared to the closest competitors to define 'as is'.

Closely related to the historically available data on used platforms, a strategic approach tailored to the needs and digital behavior in each market was then developed to answer the question 'what needs to be true' to achieve the desired impact.

Based on the maturity and needs of each market, a strategy was defined that considers the right balance of short-term sales activation and long-term brand activation and, in relation to this, which marketing activities should be prioritized and implemented in the respective markets.



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About Implement

Implement Consulting Group , a leading provider of business transformation solutions, sought to expand their brand recognition beyond their home market and establish a strong global presence.

Recognizing the opportunity to amplify their brand's voice and connect with potential clients worldwide, we partnered with Implement Consulting Group to craft a comprehensive strategy for enhancing their international brand awareness.


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