How SAYSKY outran the competition

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Harnessing the power of META & Google Ads: Fueling Growth in Germany's Competitive Landscape

Conquering the German Market: How We Helped SAYSKY Rise Above the Noise

The Challenge: A crowded playing field. Germany's athletic apparel market was a battleground, with established giants clinging to their share while new players clawed their way in. SAYSKY, a rising star, needed a strategy to not just enter the market, but thrive.

Our Approach: Data-Driven Domination

We knew brute force wouldn't win. Instead, we harnessed the power of data. We analyzed SAYSKY's strengths, the German market's preferences, and the competitive landscape. This intel helped us carve out a unique position for SAYSKY, one that resonated with German athletes.


Our partnership with Mighty Monday, spearheaded by Jannick's expertise, has been nothing short of exceptional from the very beginning. We swiftly optimized our Google Ads setup and established a comprehensive action plan encompassing both short-term and long-term goals. This meticulously crafted plan has been flawlessly executed, ensuring we stay on track to achieve our objectives.Mighty Monday's monthly reporting is consistently thorough and insightful. They promptly respond to our inquiries regarding new or ongoing projects, taking swift action to address any concerns or opportunities. This commitment to responsiveness and collaboration has instilled in me unwavering confidence that our tasks will be efficiently resolved, yielding optimal results.Without hesitation, I extend my warmest recommendations to anyone considering a partnership with Mighty Monday and Jannick. Their expertise, dedication, and unwavering commitment to client success make them an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to elevate their digital marketing efforts.
Nicklas Fenger
CMO, Saysky


The Solution / Approach

Optimize and support the growth journey of SAYSKY in the German market - their first and now largest export market.

To tackle the challenge of expansion in the competitive German market, where both new and established brands are fighting for market share, we conducted a thorough analysis of historical data and gathered valuable insights into the behaviour of the German market. We also identified the primary target audience, USPs and objectives for SAYSKY. With this knowledge in hand, we were able to find our place in the market and develop a differentiation strategy.

Next, we developed a joint strategy on how to structure our META + Google Ads setup to best support SAYSKY's expansion strategy. Among other things, we used Google Display and YouTube advertising, which we combined with push advertising on Meta to create a cohesive customer journey across touchpoints. The main purpose of using Display and YouTube was to increase brand awareness.

We adapted our Performance setup in line with SAYSKY's existing marketing mix, prioritizing synergies across channels. It was especially important to coordinate push advertising at the launch of new products and collections to achieve maximum impact and output.



The solution also involved a close and coordinated collaboration with SAYSKY. We implemented a localized approach that included a German domain and language versions that supported the work we were doing on Google. With this strategy, we were able to ensure a high Quality Score as the landing pages closely matched our keywords and ads, resulting in an optimized user experience and better results in our marketing efforts.

‍ By developing and implementing a solid branding and marketing strategy integrating Google Ads, we ensured an effective approach to support SAYSKY's growth and positioning in the German market, their first and now largest export market.



We achieved profitability in our performance setup from day one while reaching the goals set for push advertising. The continuous monitoring of new data and expanding our setup based on this information has allowed us to gradually increase the top line while maintaining a sharp focus on the bottom line.



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SAYSKY: Elevating Performance Sportswear with Urban Style

Born in Copenhagen in 2013, SAYSKY embarked on a mission to revolutionize the world of performance sportswear, infusing it with an urban and casual aesthetic. Their vision is to elevate the standards of running apparel, empowering the current generation of athletes who embrace both passion and dedication for their sport, all while maintaining a relaxed mindset.

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