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See how we used META as the primary channel for scaling for Telmore.

The challenge

Telmore wanted to generate more relevant leads for telemarketing, but lacked a scalable solution for Meta that balanced quality and quantity.


Working with Telmore has been a fantastic experience. We had a clear mission - to strike the balance between quantity and quality in lead generation. And this is where the collaboration with Telmore truly shone through. The deep commitment, open dialogue, and constant willingness to learn and improve made it possible for us to achieve our goals. It's more than a partnership, it's a community driven by a shared passion for success.
Anders Hviid
Partner & Co-Founder, MIGHTY MONDAY


The Solution

By analyzing historical lead generation campaigns on Meta, MIGHTY MONDAY, in collaboration with Telmore, was able to assess the effectiveness per lead. This information was used to set targets for price vs. volume.

With a shared goal of balancing quality and quantity of leads, we chose Meta as our primary channel for scaling. We developed a strategy with Telmore based on our historical data and a "test and learn" system for continuous optimization.

MIGHTY MONDAY also created integrations to transfer leads directly to Telmore's CRM system, ensuring quick follow-up.

By combining historical data and qualitative feedback, we were able to optimize campaigns, technical structure, target groups and creative ads, and find the right balance between quality and quantity of leads. This collaboration with Telmore ensured a high conversion rate.




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About Telmore

Telmore,  a subsidiary of TDC, Denmark's leading telecommunications provider, Telmore offers a comprehensive suite of phone, internet, and streaming services catering to both business and residential customers.

Committed to exceptional customer service, Telmore delivers all-encompassing solutions that seamlessly integrate mobile, internet, and streaming into a single, convenient package

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