400% more leads for Kassebil.dk

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We lowered our cost per lead by 27% and increased our conversion rate.

The challenge

The van and truck leasing market is highly competitive with organizations and companies with a bigger brand and resources that Kassebil.dk cannot match. The challenge is therefore to get high-quality leads without the aforementioned advantages and at the same time with a modern concept that is not common in the industry.


Vi er yderst tilfredse med den service og kvalitet som vi får hos Mighty Monday. Det blev ret hurtigt tydeligt, at de er fagfolk inden for deres felt, og at den marketingstrategi som vi sammen har lagt, har båret frugt. Vores salg kommer primært fra leads via vores platforme. Her har Mighty Monday spillet en afgørende rolle for, at vi i dag skaber flere leads end nogensinde.
Jonas Nielsen
CEO, Kassebil.dk


The solution / Approach

MIGHTY MONDAY took the situation and their in-depth knowledge of online advertising, in this case Google Ads, as their starting point. With limited resources, it was important to have a highly focused approach to get the most out of the budget. In addition, the amount of quality data was essential to build and scale the business. The focus quickly turned to classic text ads, where we could control messaging and targeting to a much greater extent, while also enabling in-depth data for analysis and optimization.
We also made it a point - in collaboration with Kassebil.dk - to target our message to the specific target group and get a good understanding of what their potential customers are looking for.
In addition, it was important that the approach also made use of tools and strategies that could help minimize the resource and brand awareness advantages that the larger, more established players have. Therefore, "Smartbidding" was quickly chosen as the primary strategy to help us level the playing field on Google.
By setting up a strong tracking setup, the algorithm can be "fed" with high-quality data and thus be more efficient in its use of spend. The bigger competitors don't have access to a better tool, and we could offset the advantage in this way.
It has been important to have ongoing contact with Kassebil to validate the quality of leads and ensure that volume and quality go hand in hand.
Kassebil collage@2x-1

The result

With a clear strategy, focus on machine learning and data, results were already there from the start. We focused on feeding the algorithm with as much data as possible to start with, maturing it faster so we could leverage machine learning. In the first few months, we managed to capture more than 400% more leads. We have also seen a positive growth of 12% on average in the following months, which is a very satisfying development.
Quantity should not overshadow quality:
We have lowered the price per lead by 27% compared to before. After ongoing close collaboration with Jonas from Kassebil, we have also analyzed that the conversion rate from lead to customer has increased significantly compared to before.


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