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To develop a structured and scalable Google Ads strategy that increases the number of demos and free trials in a competitive B2B SaaS market with high click-through rates and long customer journeys, we developed an approach that could be implemented step-by-step.



MM has helped us generate more leads at lower costs, while also serving as a valuable sparring partner on digital marketing trends. I now have access to many specialists who contribute important insights, and we have an effective digital marketing machine that is constantly optimized. In this way, I have added specialist competencies to my department without having to hire more people.
Rasmus Lindersgaard
Head of Marketing in Denmark, Corpay


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The Solution / Approach

We defined a strategy that was unfolded into a solution through the following steps:

  1. Analyzing the target audience
    We started by identifying the target audience and their specific needs. We understood their pain-points and how Corpay One's product could meet their needs.

  2. Keyword research
    We conducted an in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and effective keywords related to the product and target audience. We focused on both primary and secondary keywords to reach new potential customers at different stages of their buying journey.

  3. Rethinking campaign structure
    We divided our campaigns into a structure that allowed us to gain the necessary insights to make performance optimizations based on primary data. This allowed us to target our advertising more precisely and facilitate the analysis and optimization of our campaigns.

  4. Ad copyand ad extensions
    We created relevant and informative ad copy that highlighted the product's unique features and encouraged potential customers to book a demo or sign up for a free trial. We also used campaign-specific ad extensions to improve the visibility of our ads and expose additional information about the product and its features.

  5. Bidding strategy and budget management
    We tested different bidding strategies to find the right setup. We regularly monitored and adjusted our budgets and bids to optimize our ad spend and achieve the best possible results.

  6. Targeting and keyword exclusion
    We excluded specific targeting and keywords to avoid irrelevant clicks and reduce wasted ad spend. This ensured increased efficiency and higher conversion rates.



  1. Landing pages and conversion tracking
    We tested conversion-optimized landing pages to increase the number of sign-ups for demos and free trials. We also implemented conversion tracking to monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns and identify areas where we could improve our setup. This included developing and adding soft conversion goals to supplement the primary conversion goals.

  2. Ongoing optimization and analysis
    We regularly analyzed the new data and made ongoing adjustments to our ads, keywords, bids and targeting to improve our efforts on Google Ads. We also tested different ad variations, bidding strategies and audience targeting to find the most effective ways to increase conversions.

  3. Remarketing campaigns
    We implemented remarketing campaigns to promote ourselves to potential customers who had already shown interest in the product but had not yet signed up for a demo or free trial. This helped us increase conversion rates and be present when users had already shown interest.

  4. Integration with CRM and marketing automation
    We integrated our Google Ads campaigns with Hubspot to automate lead follow-up. This helped us secure more insights, more data and increase the number of qualified leads.


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